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5 Critical Tips on Choosing the Right Cheap Stock Images

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Are you having a tough time choosing the right images for your creative projects? Unless you have an excellent photographer, this is a pretty difficult task. Finding the right cheap stock images in this century takes a lot more than just time and patience. You need to know important tips to make a wise decision. Here are some things you should remember when making a choice among millions of photos.

  1. By all means, avoid clichéd images. Clichéd images create a false perception to your target readers. They do not represent your brand well or complement your message. Any message you are trying to get across will be undermined by the lack of visual content. To find unique images, take the time to browse through the deeper pages of the search results.
  2. Make your choices personal. Choosing the right images entail a personal touch. Instead of still images of objects, it is recommended to use photos of people and animals. It allows users to feel connected to the content.
  3. Keep your cheap stock images relevant. Your images should not contain out of date technology, fashion and others. You do not want to reflect irrelevant items with your company. Be sure to pick the most up to date images in the market. For instance, a person holding a Smartphone should be used rather than a photo of someone using an antenna phone.
  4. Choose the right colors. Do you want to create a professional look and feel to your creative projects? If you do, be sure to pick the colors carefully. All your images should convey the same tone to create a consistency with your brand or a series of other images in your design. Cameraman at work
  5. Choose the right orientation. Images come in two ways – landscape and portrait. The portrait has greater height than width just like the portraits you see in museums, offices and homes. On the other hand, the landscape image has greater width than height. In short, it is the opposite of the portrait. Test your image to check which orientation best suits your design. Download the watermarked version of the image you want to use first before you purchase it to make sure you are choosing the right image.

Many stock image websites offer cheap stock images. They include iStock, Shutterstock, Dollar Photo Club and many more. They are also great sources of professional stock photography, which you can use for your personal or business’ website, promotional posts and social media. If you have anything that requires imagery you do not already have, make sure to use the above tips. They will help make sure that you and your brand looks best.

Cheap Stock Photos

Using Cheap Stock Images in eLearning

e-learning with cheap stock photos

e-learning with cheap stock photos

The best thing about cheap stock photos is that you can use them anywhere. You have the license to use them in any project for as long as you please. Aside from a business site, blog or marketing campaign, cheap photos can also be used in one the fastest growing educational tools in the world – eLearning. Check here. Thanks to cheap stock photo sites, eLearning professionals can now download and use them on their courses without spending too much of their project budget.

  • Create a character to guide learners throughout the eLearning course. A consistent character creates a sense of immersion while giving your audience guidance and support. Fortunately, cheap stock photo sites has a myriad of model images with releases that you can use as character legally. When choosing a character, make sure it is relevant and relatable to your audience.
  • Integrate cheap photos with great detail. Download and use a clickable image that offers great details in order to make complicated matter easier to understand for your audience. If you are teaching about a subject matter that involves steps or a procedure, feature an image that gives your audience an overview of that specific task.
  • Develop engaging and immersive scenarios. Create interactive eLearning scenarios with stock photos cheap to help your audience learn about real world applications of your subject matter. You can use a different stock photo cheap for each screen and have your audience to make a choice that will take them to the next photo. This makes your eLearning course more engaging and exciting.
  • Use cheap stock images as metaphors to illustrate a boring or complex topic. There will be times when you will face complex or boring topics in your eLearning career. You want to be able to convey your message clearly to avoid confusion and to make your course fun to boost information retention. Metaphorical cheap photos is the solution to this predicament.
  • Boost emotional connection with attractive cheap stock photos. Sometimes, cheap photos are all you need to make a connection with your audience. The key is being compelling and making that image trigger an emotion to help your audience absorb information more effectively. This way, you can minimize your text usage to create an emotional connection make the eLearning experience inspiring and powerful.

These tips can give you the power to design fun and effective eLearning courses that will benefit you and your audience. Learners are not entirely in favor of reading heavy text eLearning materials. These materials will not help them achieve their goals either – even if they are highly informative and well-written. So, why not include cheap stock images? After all, they enhance the overall value of your eLearning course.